Standard Apps - Communication and Collaboration - Zoho

All Cloud Office Manager's subscription plans (Basic, Basic Plus, Business and Company) include the Standard Apps Zoho Suite. This comprehensive cloud based communication and collaboration platform is ideal for businesses with limited IT resources. The Standard Apps Zoho Suite includes: Cloud Zoho Mail, Cloud Zoho Calendar, Cloud Zoho Docs, Cloud Zoho Connect and Cloud Zoho People. The advantage of using cloud based business applications is that you get to access your information on the move. Be it through your mobile, laptop or desktop, as long as there is an internet connection - you can do business. 

Cloud Zoho Mail

Experience a clean, fast Webmail with powerful features matching or superior to those found in desktop email clients. Take control of your Inbox and attain freedom from tedious software upgrades. more

Cloud Zoho Calendar

Schedule, manage and track meetings and crucial events. Share multiple calendars easily between groups, teams or individuals which keeps your business personnel in sync during collaborative activities and interacting with customers. more 

Cloud Zoho DOCS

Create, manage, organize, share and collaborate on documents easily with Zoho Docs

  • Word Processor: Create, edit , share & publish your documents online with our word processor.
  • Spreadsheet: Create, edit, share & publish spreadsheets with our online spreadsheet application.
  • Presentation: Create and deliver presentations easily, using our online presentation tool.
  • Secure File Sharing: Share files with users or groups and set access permissions to keep them secure.
  •  more

Cloud Zoho Connect

Cloud Zoho Connect: A social network service for your company that lets your employees connect with each other, share ideas and collaborate securely, all in one place. more 

Cloud Zoho People

Zoho People lets you manage all your HR and benefits programs from a central location, making it easier than ever to attract, retain and reward top talent. All while reducing costs, saving time and integrating and aligning your HR efforts with the rest of your organization.  more 

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